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The great tourist city of Iran

Neyshbur land of Khayyam

Neyshabur: The big touristy town of Iran

Iran, a big country with a long history. about 3000 years ago in the south-west of Asia, the history of this country begins. these long long years make a great culture for Iran. The great culture that you can find in its towns. Isfahan, Shiraz, Tabriz and etc are these towns that show you Iran attractive and beautiful culture. But there is a city that sometimes covered from the tourist’s eyes! An important historic city that is the capital of old Iran. The capital of Iran when Iran was the biggest and most developed country in the world! And its name is NEYSHABUR! Neyshabur center of turquoise and the land of Khayyam.

Where exactly is Neishabur?

If you came to Iran and went to Mashhad, surely at last cross from Neyshabur. every tourist that want to go to Mashhad by their car, explore Neyshabur for a couple of days. It is almost 700 KM from Tehran _capital of Itan_ to Neyshabour and if continue for 130 KM  you will receive to Mashhad.

Also, Neyshabur is connected to a railway. so you can fly to Tehran with an airplane and then come to Neyshabur by train very simple and comfortable. Busses that work in Tehran-Mashhad road are useful But the train is safer and more comfortable. especially when you try trains beds.

Neyshbur land of Khayyam

Land of khayyam

Khayyam, one of the famous Iranian poet, mathematician, philosopher, and astronomer was born in Neyshabur. He was buried in Neyshabur too; in the Khayyam garden at the mausoleum of Imamzadeh Mahruq.
There are the most important treatises on algebra that written before modern times by Khayyam. He also tries hard and completed Iranian Jalali Calendar. the calendar that is very exquisite and is used in Iran today. His mausoleum which was completed in 1963, remains a masterpiece of Iranian architecture visited by many people around the world, every year.

The great tourist city of Iran

if you want to expend 2 week in Iran and see attractive tourist places and citys, Neyshabur have to be one of your main choice! this city with a long history and deep culture, delicious foods, Colorful dress, surely makes a good memories for you and your family.

Another option that make Neyshabur to a good choices for trip, is that prices in this city is very low! With some dollars you can see a lot of beautiful places and buy a lot of things! for more information see tourist page of this site.



about of Emamzadeh Mahroogh (Burned) Neyshabour

Mausoleum of Muhammad Mahroogh and Ibrahim ibn Musa Alacam -the seventh Emam of Shia- are in the  Neyshabur. According to historical documents, Zeid, son of Emam Zein Al Abedin (PBUH) -the fourth Emam of Shia- had four sons that one of them is Muhammad Mahroogh. In the uprising against the Caliphate in Khorasan, Muhammad Mahroogh [...]

Why is Neyshabur called Neyshabur?

The oldest document from Neishabur is Avesta, which refers to the word "Reyunt" meaning great and glory. This word was probably the word Rivend, now the name of the village is around Neishabur. In some texts of the Islamic historic books, the other name of  Neishabur is "ABAR SHAHR" , which means great city. On [...]

Why is it worth it to travel to Neyshabur?

Khayyam tomb

In addition to what is mentioned on the homepage, there are some interesting points about Khayyam tomb designed by Engineer Seyhoon. Khayyam has three characters: Mathematician Anthropologist and Poet. Engineer Seyhoon tries to show them in his tomb.

The circle of the tomb’s floor is divided into ten parts. The number 10 is the first two-digit mathematical number and is the basis of many of the numbers. This refers to the mathematician of Khayyam.

Some of the best poems of Khayyam, with beautiful handwriting, with beautiful decorations of mud and nightingale, are drawn on Khayyam tomb, which refers to the poet character of Khayyam.

seven basins in blue, with turquoise’s color tiles located around the tomb, represent the seven skies. These basins refer to astronomer character of Khayyam.

And there are many other interesting topics about this tomb that are worth seeing and understanding.

khayyam tomb


The turquoise stone is found in China, North and South America, Saudi Arabia and Tibet, but its best quality is found only in Neyshabur. Some of the properties of this stone are as follows.

Turquoise is a power stone. This stone helps you clear your mind as a meditation tool.

Turquoise is known for its power of disposal. When it is placed on a part of the body that is ill, the disease is stretched out into the stones and removed from the body and Changing the color of this stone means absorbing illness and body health.

There are some other interesting and magical topic about turquoise, that some of them are mentioned in the shop. In that page, you can buy the best quality of turquoise.


Wooden mosque

One of the other weird places of Neyshabur is the wooden mosque. This mosque is the first mosque in the world to be made entirely of wood  And can tolerate up to 8 magnitudes of earthquakes.

In addition to the mosque, there is a store, a restaurant, a bakery, and a library, that have been built totally by wood.

The wooden carvings and attractive lighting have multiplied the beauty of this village.

Wooden mosque

Shadiyakh city

Shadiyakh is the center of Neyshabur’s archeology. The old town of Neishabur has been in this place. It was built in the third century AD. Many of the old and historic things can be seen in this city.

Watching this city gives the viewer a strange feeling. Sometimes it looks like the walls of Shadiyakh are talking to you and telling their stories with you, while you watching the city.

shadiyakh city

Nature of Neyshabur

If you want to experience the unique climate, be sure to travel to Neyshabur. The location of Neishabur between one of the tallest mountains of Iran and the desert of Iran has made the climate of the city very favorable.

Some of the natural attractions of Neyshabur are: Boojan village, Greeneh waterfall, Bar waterfall, Kharv village, Serney Cave, seven cave valley, etc.

An old poet and traveler in Persian poetry said that the best night of the world can be found in Baghdad, and the most pleasant morning in the whole world belongs to Neishabur.


Neyshabour foods

They are four foods that are famous among people. Tourists are also interested in them. They are AMAJ soup, HALBEH soup, Wheat soup and YATIM-CHEH.

Among these four foods, YATIM-CHEH is awesome! It made by lentils, beans, peas and eggplants.

if you will come to Neyshabur dont forget to try it.

Neyshabur food

Cheap city

The most important thing that made this city the destination of many tourists is cheap prices. All prices are low. You can go to many restaurants, Visit many museums, Experience many hotels and Buy a lot with a little money!

Everything is very cheap in Iran and Neishabur, and you feel richer ever.

cheap trip
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  1. sebastian
    sebastian says:

    I visited Nishapur 2 years ago. And I have to say it really was worth it. Especially the climbing in the village of Bojan with the Neyshabur climbing team, It was very memorable.

    • neyshabur
      neyshabur says:

      No It is a combined cycle power plant. If you travel to Neyshabur. Seeing this power plant can also be attractive.

  2. Oscar
    Oscar says:

    Please also quote the cost of traveling to Neyshabur. Like the cost of public transportation and hotel prices, and so on.


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